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CICS JS/Server Version 1.1 Released.

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CICS JS/Server V1.1 includes support for the most up to date version of the Dojo Toolkit (1.7.2).  

Dojo Toolkit 1.7.2 is compatible with earlier versions and allows pages to load faster. 

Use the Dojo Toolkit to rapidly create modern web applications. Better still, do so using your mainframe to serve the Dojo Toolkit from CICS.

Take control of the Dojo Toolkit by serving it from your System Z Server. 

Why not check out the sample code on our website that shows how CICS can be used to create web applications using the Dojo Toolkit. 

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Re: CICS JS/Server Version 1.1 Released.

CICS JS/Server V1.1 can be freely downloaded for trial purposes by visiting our webste