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Today MATTER OF FACT SOFTWARE announce the launch of CICS JS/Server Version 1 Release 0.

Modern business applications demand user interfaces with sophisticated features. Many such features are provided by web browsers that communicate with server technology to access corporate data and drive business processes. In many large corporations, the server of choice with which the browser communicates is the IBM mainframe.

Javascript tools such as Dojo have enabled the rapid development of browser based user interface functions. The Dojo toolkit itself has to be served to the browser and it is sensible to retain control over what is served up to the browser as part of a corporate business application. The CICS JS/Server allows the Dojo Javascript toolkit to be installed and controlled on the mainframe from well understood mainframe PDS datasets.

CICS JS/Server offers the means to serve the Dojo Javascript toolkit directly from mainframe PDS datasets via CICS. Easy to install and use, CICS JS/Server exploits the usual mainframe industrial strength capabilities that corporate systems demand.

CICS JS/Server was devised to provide control over the serving of the Dojo Javascript Toolkit as it is used by our other product, PlexSpy Application Status Monitor. The realisation that such control was needed led to the development of this solution. It became apparent that our own requirements for control over the Dojo Javascript Toolkit would be matched within other companies that use it.

Simple to install and implement.

Capable of scaling to meet the needs of high performance systems.

Support for Dojo Javascript Toolkit versions 1.5 and 1.6.1 included.

For more information about Dojo, visit

It is envisaged that CICS JS/Server will evolve over time to serve additional Javascript Toolkits and future versions and releases of Dojo.

Our Managing Director, MR Stephen Mitchell is available for interview. If you require further information, please contact him at STEPHEN.MITCHELL( at )MATTEROFFACTSOFTWARE.COM.

About Matter of Fact Software

Matter of Fact Software was founded in 2008 to develop and bring to market innovative software products in the IBM Mainframe arena with a special focus on CICS.

Based in Scotland, Matter of Fact Software is a privately owned Company that writes and markets its own software.

Joined: 2009-06-28

When we set out to evolve our PlexSpy software product, one of the changes we wanted to make was to display data in the browser in graphical form. We quickly discovered the Dojo Toolkit and realised that it represented the best opportunity for us to achieve our aims. 

The Dojo Toolkit is an open source javascript toolkit that allows modern enterprise class web applications to be quickly written and deployed. We wanted it for its capability to draw graphs in the web browser but there is a whole lot more to it than that. Many large technology companies including IBM have committed to using it and that gave us a lot of faith in its future. 

The Dojo Toolkit itself is loaded into the web browser and can be obtained from a number of different places including Google or somewhere in an enterprise storage realm. However, given that PlexSpy's user interface is wholly created within CICS on the mainframe, we were uncomfortable with the idea of losing control over a key part of the software that we planned to use to deliver PlexSpy's user interface. It became clear to us that we had to serve the Dojo Toolkit that PlexSpy needed from the mainframe too. It struck us that other application designers may have the same reservations and want more certainty and control over the Dojo Toolkit. So, in finding a remedy to our own business issue, we devised a solution that could be used by a future version of PlexSpy and be used by anyone else that has the same concerns about using Dojo.

CICS JS/Server Version 1.0 is now generally available and supports CICS TS (versions 3.1, 3.2, 4.1 and 4.2).  It supports Dojo versions 1.5.0 and 1.6.1 and we expect to publish a new release of CICS JS/Server before long that will also support Dojo v1.7.2 (the latest Dojo at the time of writing). We expect to incorporate support for other popular javascript toolkits later this year (JQuery will be the next one that we tackle).

CICS JS/Server can be freely downloaded for trial purposes. Please visit our website and help yourself!



Joined: 2009-06-28

CICS JS/Server V2 is now available. 

This major enhancement to the solution serves several of the most popular Open Source Javascript libraries and Toolkits, can serve bespoke content too and features a simple content server fuction. 

The Open Source javascript Libraries supported are:

  • JQuery & JQuery UI
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • YUI Library
  • MooTools
  • Rickshaw
  • D3JS
  • Prototype

Bespoke content can be: images, stylesheets, html etc.

The content server function permits the creation, management and serving of novel CICS web applications.

Simple to install and use, CICS JS/Server will be a valuable addition to your mainframe software portfolio.

Check out the series of short videos on YouTube showing CICS JS/Server in action. Links can be found on our website.

Download CICS JS/Server today and begin a free trial. Click HERE to go to our downloads page.