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About and Privacy Policy

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About is not a company. It is my hobby and a project I attempted in my free time to improve my web skills. will store a few details about you whilst you are using the site. The site administrator (me) takes all reasonable steps to ensure that no unauthorized access to the information is granted. To fully participate on the site you will have to register and supply some personal information. This information will ONLY be used to identify you. Your information (email address and name) will never be given out to any other party. Having unique userid's and access control will make it easy for me to get rid of "evil do-errs" and ensure that discussions stay on-topic. Any other information collected at Registration time will be for statistics and to be able to group users geographically and or by interest. Again this information will be guarded to the best of my ability and will never be given, sold, rented or surrendered to any other entity. The user will also be able to make his/her profile private, change it or leave it empty (Except for Userid and email address ) if so desired.

IP Address

When you register and when you make a post - your IP address is stored on my server. This protects you as a member and me when identifying that the user who posted is indeed authentic. This information will only be used if you misuse any features on the board or in any dispute. I am able to ban by IP address.

Posts and Sunmissions cannot be held responsible for the content of posted messages on the forums. Postings that are off-topic, abusive, in bad taste or inappropriate will be removed based on my discretion. If anybody feel that a certain post(s) or user are inappropriate they can contact me and I will take steps against the post or user if I deem it necessary. I want this to be an open forum but keep things fun and clean.


I may in the future decide to use ads to pay for the sites maintenance.

How to contact me

Please feel free to contact me at 

on any issues pertaining this site.

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