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United Health Group- CICS/Java Developer

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The ideal candidate will have a strong background in CICS as well as recent experience with CICS and Java.  ESB experience is a big plus.

As part of the Applications Enablement team, you will be responsible for building middleware services that allow our applications to communicate across multiple platforms.  UnitedHealth Group IT provides a diverse and comprehensive array of application design and infrastructure services designed to advance improved health and well-being for our customers, and to benefit UnitedHealth Group employees across the enterprise.


Job responsibilities include:


  • Conducting systems analysis and creating design models for the definition of reusable software services
  • Designing and developing middleware services that meet business needs using COBOL/CICS, Java, and other languages as required
  • Architecting cross application solutions using multiple Enterprise Service Bus frameworks
  • Working with software development teams to implement services which address performance and scalable requirements
  • Mapping process flows across the enterprise, from front-end applications to legacy back-end systems
  • Evaluating new technologies for potential implementation
  • Creating integration design patterns for multiple technologies
  • Participating in the creation and implementation of enterprise SOA strategy

UnitedHealth Group IT application services group delivered approximately $332 million of new technology, enhancements, and maintenance on applications for UnitedHealth Group. Aligned to the business groups, this area is responsible for delivering, through technology, on the business agenda, while driving economies of scale through leveraging applications and people. Find out more, by exploring this newly created career opportunity in our Greenville, SC location.

If you are interested in discussing this position further please contact me:


United Health Group Greenville
United States
34° 51' 9.4248" N, 82° 23' 38.436" W

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