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CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition



CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition V8.0 includes all the function of CICS Universal Client V7.1 with the addition of the latest operating system and compiler support.

CICS Transaction Gateway Desktop Edition (CICS TG Desktop Edition), gives access to CICS applications across the enterprise from Microsoft Windows, UNIX and Linux systems. CICS TG Desktop Edition is for single users, either for desktop application access or for administrative use.

CICS TG Desktop Edition offers an upgrade path from CICS Universal Client. It provides support for existing desktop applications, and delivers new programming language support and interoperation with CICS channel programs, which allows exchange of data in amounts that far exceed the 32KB limit that applies to COMMAREAs.

For full JEE and server-based CICS connectivity, CICS TG for z/OS or CICS TG for Multiplatforms is required.