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Maintec Technologies Launches Graveyard Shift: Mainframe Data Center Night Shift Operations Service

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Maintec Technologies launched Graveyard Shift Service today, a service that offers corporations running IBM Mainframe Data Centers capability to outsource their night shift operations to be supported from Maintec's Bangalore-based Network Operations center. Staffing the night, holiday and weekend shifts at data centers has been a constant source of concern for CIOs and CTOs, as finding qualified and skilled resources within bounds of cost remains a challenge.

Sonny Gupta, Founder-President of Maintec, said, "Outsourcing graveyard shift operations to Maintec opens up access to a large pool of highly qualified and skilled mainframe professionals who handle data center operations during the US night shift, a time that happens to be the day shift in India." Indeed, the strong background in training and development is part of Maintec's pedigree: the Hire-Train-Deploy (HTD) model is aimed at augmenting the global IT workforce with those with a clear edge in knowledge and skill levels. "Maintec's Mainframe Data Center team will draw upon this rich pool of resources trained to meet our clients' needs," says Sonny.

The current economic landscape is making it increasingly difficult for data center managers to retain their best and brightest staff. The staffs at risk are those with the most in-demand skills, and consequently the most difficult (and costly) to replace. It logically flows that the professionals at greatest risk are those that are needed to work the after-hours shifts, as system criticality is something that cannot be compromised regardless of what time of day or night it is. With recession-led cutbacks, hiring full-time workers for the night, weekend and holiday shifts seems out of the question for most data centers.

"Maintec brings to the Graveyard Shift Service offering the rigor of a cost-effective process-driven approach," added Sonny, "of the secure Global Delivery Center that consists of complete z/OS, AS/400 (iSeries) and AIX infrastructure with an in-house data center in Bangalore."

"With 24x7x365 data center support being a non-negotiable imperative for business success, companies are looking for innovative offerings from expert vendors, and Maintec's Graveyard Shift solution is a clear answer to their immediate need of running their mainframe shop cost-effectively with excellence," concluded Sonny.

About Maintec:

Maintec Technologies offers globally compliant IT solutions that empower businesses to become more competitive by leveraging offshore capabilities and highly skilled resources. Based in Raleigh, N.C., Maintec Technologies operates a software development center in Bangalore, India to provide clients comprehensive data center management, it staffing, application development, support and maintenance services.

Maintec addresses the needs of data-driven organizations through its data center management services (remotely/onsite):

  • Mainframe System Software Support
  • Mainframe Operations Support
  • Mainframe and Mid-Range Services that cater to both AIX and iSeries (AS/400) environments


Recently, Maintec Technologies got recognition as one of the Most Promising Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) Companies by The Smart Techie Magazine.

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