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help me in issuing cics commands in mvs console

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i am trying to issue cics commands from mvs consoles.
please find the steps i followed to use issue the commands.

step1: define the terminal in cics using CEDA DEF TER(GET) GROUP(CONTERM)
step2:define the console name in console class and permitted required access.
step3: installed the terminal in cics and it was successfully installed
step4: wen i came to tso and issue this command f cics,'cemt i task' . i am getting following error.

+DFHAC2032 CICS1 CICS autoinstall for console A201802 has failed.

help me for issuing commands . if my steps are wrong kindly correct me.

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Re: help me in issuing cics commands in mvs console


There can be a few things wrong here but I will try.

Do you have the TYPETERM(DFHCONS) for the terminal definitions?

Is the consolname correct as it is in SYS!.PARMLIB(CONSOL00)?

Do you use Autoinstall? If so do you have the Console Autointsall Model defined?