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TDQ creation

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I am new to CICS. Could anyone let me know the syntax to define the TDQ(Transient data queue). Also, Please explain me about the TDQ significance.

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Re: TDQ creation

TDQ's, unlike TS Queues must be defined and installed prior to use. The definitions are usually done with CEDA.

1) Intrapartition transient data queues are kept in a VSAM file and managed by CICS. Reads are sequentially and destructive. Intrapartionioned queues can be Non-recoverable, physically recoverable and Logically recoverable. For use in internally by CICS aps.

2) Extrapartition transient data queues are seperateley defined sequential files. These files( and data ) can be used by other regions, programs or devices.

3) Indirect is "aliasing" for TDQ's.

Depending what type of queue the CSD definitions will vary. Look at the resource defintion quide for TDQ's. .