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H&W Joins the IBM Destination z Community, Provides System z Solutions

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BOISE, Idaho (PRWEB) July 30, 2010

H&W Computer Systems, Inc. (H&W) today announced that IBM has named H&W a Destination z vendor. Destination z is a mainframe community focused on the IBM System z mainframe platform. By participating in the Destination z program, H&W will work with IBM and other vendors to improve and promote System z. As part of the effort, IBM has developed the Destination z website that provides more direct access to solutions, news, tips, and ideas related to System z.

"By being a part of the Destination z community, H&W is part of an effort that is a single point of contact for all things System z, as they relate to both IBM and H&W," said Joe Burns, senior product manager at H&W. "This allows a concentrated focus on System z in which H&W has been providing industry-leading software products for many years. The new community website provides a great starting point for organizations searching for System z-focused solutions."
From the Destination z website, visitors can learn about the latest best practices and innovations; expand mainframe skills; get information to help drive business decisions; and find partners, solutions, and people to strengthen deployment and development teams.

H&W provides several products for the System z platform including SYSB-II, SYSD, and WebTek Tools for CICS.

Industry-leading SYSB-II allows VSAM batch processing during the business day, without impacting CICS online activity, so organizations can process more transactions and have VSAM files updated more frequently. SYSB-II doesn't require application source-code changes, additional hardware, data migration, or rearchitecting existing IT infrastructure.

SYSD supplies the most commonly needed functionality of ISPF and SDSF to CICS users, without requiring them to leave the CICS session or have access to TSO and ISPF.

WebTek allows teams to extend legacy CICS data and applications to the Web. WebTek is an economical solution that leverages an organization's existing investment in hardware and software, employs simple methods, and works without programmers having to learn new skills.

For more information about Destination z, see the IBM Destination z website.

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