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EZA TCP Connection

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In our shop, we have a CICS connection being established from Web based/desktop applications using the Listener transactions (using EZA* routines).

Is it possible to code a patch or is it readily available in EZA* to validate the incoming TCP IP connections and reject a connection due to the batch window that is in progress. Please note that the CICS region is up and running all the time.

Thanks, Aravind.

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EZA sockets



The CICS TCP/IP socket listener is a user replaceble module that can be customized to block connections based on IP address.

OR depending on what you want to achieve you can either stop the EZA socket listener in CICS for that period of time using the EZA0 transaction in CICS to stop and start the listener. This method should be easy to impliment using an automation product and is probably the simplest/easiest solution.