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Submittting JCL from CICS

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Submitting batch jobs from CICS. This program sends JCL to JES2 queues using the CICS SPOOL interface.

It submits JCL information from a table built in working-storage, each entry is 80 bytes and consists of a JCL statement.

Contributed by: Real Longchamps Longchamps Informatique Inc

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thanks for adding me to this comunity

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Issue in Submitting JCL from CICS

Hi everybody
Finally I am in a forum exclusively for CICS.
Well I have an issue with the Submission of jcl from CICS.I have used the code above attached.But I am unable to see the job submission in the spool.I have changed the JOB card in the code given above.I have substituted the NODE ID of the above code with the SYSTEM ID by using SAREA comment

   Status  Options       
      ISPF Status        
 Command ===>            
  User ID . : BMXSMG     
  Time. . . : 19:26      
  Terminal. : 3278       
  Screen. . : 1          
  Language. : ENGLISH    
  Appl ID . : XXX        
  TSO logon : XXXXXXX    
  TSO prefix: XXXXXX     
  System ID : ADS02      
  MVS acct. : XXX-XXX-   
  Release . : ISPF 5.9   
  F1=Help     F2=Split   

Please tell me where I am going wrong and how to see the JOB which is submitted by the transaction.

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re: Issue in Submitting JCL from CICS

Welcome Samrat,

The NODE-ID in this case is not the System ID.
What you need is the JES NODE ID for the system you will use to run the JCL submitted from CICS. I cannot think of a way to display the JES NODE-ID. What you will have to do is ask the z/OS Systems programmer to give you the JES NODE ID.


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