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VSAM Tools


Industry-leading SYSB-II is mainframe computer software that allows you to process batch during the business day, without impacting CICS online activity, so you have current data on demand. SYSB-II doesn’t require application source-code changes, additional hardware, data migration, or rearchitecting your existing IT infrastructure.

SYSB-II allows CICS and batch to have concurrent access to IBM VSAM mainframe files. With SYSB-II, users have access to the most current data on demand so they can:

* Make better business decisions using up-to-date information.
* Make decisions in a timely manner, around the clock.

SYSB-II is a superior data center solution that benefits your IT organization by:

* Avoiding the "rip and replace" risks of other solutions by leveraging your existing investment in your mainframe hardware, application software, and file systems.
* Integrating easily with existing skill sets to eliminate retraining.
* Working with current processes to avoid lengthy installation time and testing, as well as streamlining current procedures.