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Draft Redbooks - CICS Explorer

As a new comer into a CICS environment or as an experienced user moving roles CICS System Management can be a daunting challenge. Prior to the CICS Explorer™ , to perform each task could require the use of different disconnected interfaces. These applications were often ISPF based panels written to do a specific function, each of which required custom knowledge to operate and if the completion of a specific task crossed application boundaries, the user would have to switch back and forth between the applications each of which had its own commands and user interface. As well as basic CICS System Management - the definition and operation of regions and their installed resources - a typical CICS shop will use a number of tools, either obtained from IBM, third party vendors, or developed in-house. These tools might have their own interfaces and way of presenting of manipulating the CICS runtime. Providing an integration platform so that all of the tools and applications a user needs to perform a business task work together coherently in an integrated environment was one of the driving forces behind the creation of the CICS Explorer. The benefit of this is to help new users become familiar with the platform, to present a single and re-usable way of accessing and manipulating CICS to promote consistency, and to allow tools built by IBM, vendors, and customers alike to be able to extend and enhance in a unified way. Each tool should be able to introduce its own value to CICS management without having to re-inventing