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EBCDIC to BASE64 Conversion

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Thanks to Margaret Anderson.
  1. DASSXB64 is the Assembler Subroutine for converting between EBCDIC and BASE64. As someone else pointed out, the subroutine =does= do anjavascript:edCloseAllTags(0); intermediate conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII and then to BASE64 because the only doc the person who wrote this could find gave the conversion between ASCII and BASE64. I would have preferred a way to go directly from EBCDIC to BASE64 simply because if any web hackers attempted to unconvert the BASE64 to ASCII, they'd get garbage and not many of the hackers (the 16-to-30-year-old variety anyway) have probably ever heard of EBCDIC. But this one works so we're using it until we get IPCS/Cryptographic processing available (maybe, someday).
  2. DASWCB64 is the COBOL Copybook layout used by COBOL programs (both CICS and Batch) to pass the values between the caller and the Assembler Subroutine.
  3. DASWPB64 is a sample of the COBOL code used to set up the data values and CALL the Assembler subroutine for conversion in both directions.
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I am trying to view your
I am trying to view your code samples but I am not able to. Is that a problem with the site or how you put them out there. We are trying to base 64 decode information that has been sent to CICS and are trying to figure out how to do it. We have not had much luck so far. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Missing files.
The three text files ended up in the wrong directory after the upgrade I did last weekend. They are back and are now available again. Sorry for the inconvenience! And thanks to shep 1966 for pointing that out to me. Regards Ian
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DASSXB64: FROM64 E2A-FX and TO64 TX-A2E flows

Hi, I'm interested to use a routine similar to DASSXB64. The flow I would implement is quite different. Inbound flow (FROM64), in DASSXB64, does apply "FX" to an inbound ascii file to obtain the original ascii file, then does apply A2E to convert it in EBCDIC ccsid. I need to make E2A before apply "FX", because my inbound record is EBCDIC.
Similarly, in the "outbound flow" (TO64), in DASSXB64 it does apply firstly the conversion E2A to obtain an ascii file where to use "TX" to make base64 convertion. I need first to use "TX" then convert with A2E. My personal know how on assembler and BASE64 logic/structures is not so good to easily change DASSXB64: may I ask for this change to somebody who wishes to give me this help, pls? May be Derek?
I thank you very much for any kind answer, tks. Franco

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Re: EBCDIC to BASE64 Conversion

Could you use gsk_encode_base64 for this? I guess this wouldn't do the EBCDIC->ASCII part. I would think, however, they you'd only need the code page conversion for text data where you wouldn't need BASE64 anyway.