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Hosting Problems.

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As some of you may have noticed, The site experienced a lot of outages, downtime and interruption the last week. The server the site was hosted on lost a hard disk. It was a RAID but as most things on the open system side, it looks better on paper than it does in practice. The raid did not recover from the one disk failure and they had to bring the server down to replace the disk. Guess "Hot Swap" means something other than "The ability to replace a disk in a RAID without bringing the system down".

The server was started with the new HDD but then the RAID was set to "READ-Only" and would not switch to "Read-Write". The server came down again and the RAID controller was changed. Up came the server again but it still kept failing.

The end result is that CICSWorld now runs on a backup server. The hosting company is in the process of configuring a new server and at some point in the near future CICSWorld will be switched to the new machine. Apparently bigger, better and faster.

This whole episode made me realize two things. Well the one realization was more of a confirmation of what we all know anyway. The first thing is that there is a very good reason for businesses to stay on the mainframe.
Secondly, CICSWorld needs a serious overall.

I've started with the new CICSWorld, it will be slow progress but I will keep you all posted as I go along.
The plan is to get a new look and feel, remove some of the unused function in the code to make things a little faster and easier to maintain, and to upgrade everything to the latest releases.

Let me know if you have ideas, sugestions etc.

Thank you.