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Given a choice, would you rather attend Impact 2008 or Share? (login and let everybody know why you prefer one above the other)

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Earl Rogers
Joined: 2007-11-19
I agree that the fact that

I agree that the fact that Impact offers most sessions more than once is a significant plus. This is particularly true for attendees who have interest in multiple tracks. Share previously had an advantage because sessions are presented for multiple disciplines. This is still true, but the SOA and WebSphere content that is now part of Impact in addition to CICS and WMQ is narrowing the gap.

For thos interested solely in CICS, last year's Impact conference may have been disappointing. In fact, you could have attended the event without realizing CICS was part of it. That concern was made known to the Hursley management team more than once during the conference and we were promised changes for 2008.

Joined: 2007-11-09
Share or Impact

There are pros and cons on both. One thing I really don't like about
Share is the food. At San Diego, the first session started at 08:00 and
none of the local resturants opened before 08:00. You either had to pay
$25 for the hotel buffet or eat pastry. I assume at Impact, they still
server breakfast and lunch.

The information that can be acquired is fairly similiar but many of the
sessions at Impact are presented twice so you may be able to attend more
of the sessions you want at Impact.

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Joined: 2006-03-06
I've never been to Share. I

I've never been to Share. I think it is time I try and convince the powers that be to rather attend Share next year. I will keep the food issue in mind though. Thanks for that tip.