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Will you be attending SHARE in Austin this year?

Share is almost upon us. This is a poll to get a feel for who's going.

No. I wanted to attend but due to budget constraints I can not.
39% (33 votes)
No. I did not plan on attending.
33% (28 votes)
Yes. I will definitely attend Spring Share 2009 in Austin.
18% (15 votes)
7% (6 votes)
No. But I plan on attending Fall Share 2009.
5% (4 votes)
Total voters: 85
Joined: 2007-10-15
GSE Nordic

...Can't make it to Austin, but I hope to attend GSE Nordic.'s picture
Joined: 2008-03-14
Come to SHARE in Austin Session 8194 z390 and zcobol EXEC CICS

I hope to see you there. Melvyn Maltz and I will be presenting session 8194 on Tuesday morning March 3, 2009 8 AM on z390 and zcobol portable mainffame assembler and COBOL with EXEC CICS support.

Don Higgins