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Rocket Software is pleased to introduce Rocket FYI/CICS, a research tool for learning about CICS and activity within CICS. FYI/CICS is available to users of CICS Transaction Server V2.2 through V3.1.

FYI/CICS contains user friendly displays that provide general information on many CICS topics. The user can then drill down to extract more specific information on a topic.

FYI/CICS was developed for use as a research tool on a CICS Test System. However, in addition to providing CICS internal information, when FYI/CICS is used in conjunction with the CEDF transaction, it is also a Debugging Aid. While a CEDF debugged transaction is suspended at an EXEC CICS command, an FYI/CICS user can look at storage associated with the suspended transaction.
What’s New

Release 6.4 of FYI/CICS now supports CICS Transaction Server Release 3.1 . The FYI/CICS dis-assembler now translates 64-bit instructions. Table and Directory resource displays are new options on the main menu. Also, support has been added to list all the control blocks in a chain of control blocks.