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Ivory VisualConnect

Web Enablement

Ivory VisualConnect Ivory VisualConnect is the perfect example of GT Software's unique ability to combine simplicity and ease-of-use with the ability to deliver sophisticated results. With Ivory VisualConnect, you can update your legacy IBM applications, creating Internet and intranet applications within hours, not months or years. Quickly and easily convert cumbersome and complex 3270 or 5250 screens into graphically intuitive Web front-ends?without any programming. Skip unwanted screens and merge data and fields into new simplified screens, enhancing and rejuvenating your 3270 and 5250 based applications for improved usability, reduced training requirements, increased user satisfaction and increased productivity. Java Interface The Ivory VisualConnect interface for the Java platform provides additional capabilities to extend and modify Web-enabled 3270 applications, for more advanced extension and integration requirements. In addition, from the same installation of Ivory VisualConnect you have the flexibility to generate Java applets, pure HTML or WML depending on your end user requirements. There is no need to buy and implement different Web-enablement solutions to meet your end-user device requirements. Security Features Ivory VisualConnect is fully enabled to interface with IBM's implementation of SSL, which takes full advantage of hardware acceleration. In addition, the numerous three-tier solutions are fully compatible with other external security solutions including SSL and firewalls to provide the protection your enterprise requires. Flexible Integration Ivory VisualConnect provides the most comprehensive and flexible Web-enablement and superior advanced application integration capabilities available. VisualConnect can be deployed in a variety of fashions to meet your architectural and business needs: * Natively on the S/390 or AS/400 requiring no additional hardware or software to unleash your legacy applications to Web. * Residing on a Windows, UNIX or Linux n-tier environment eliminating the need to install software on your S/390 or AS/400.