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CICS/On Line File Utility - CICS file display and edit



CICS/On Line File Utility(OLFU) allows programmers access to records on any CICS-defined file.

CICS/On Line File Utility features include:

  • Allowing lookup and update of records on any VSAM (KSDS, ESDS, RRDS) or ISAM file
  • Displaying records in both character and hexadecimal format
  • Looking up records by KEY, RBA, or Relative Record Number
  • Updating, Adding, Replacing, Deleting and Browsing records
  • Browsing forward (VSAM and ISAM) or backwards (VSAM)
  • Scanning for records matching up to five user-defined parameters
  • Scanning for records containing a character string anywhere within the record (for example, 'JONES' between positions 1 and 100)
  • Providing security routines to protect selected files from lookup or update or limiting CICS On Line File Utility to specified terminals
  • Audit trails of updates processed by CICS On Line File Utility
  • Extensive Help screens
  • Simultaneously editing 2 files by switching between CICS On Line File Utility sessions
  • Optional copybook name displays and searches
  • TIPS command shows hints for users

CICS On Line Temporary Storage Queue Lookup (OLTL) and CICS On Line Temporary Storage Queue Update (OLTU) provides lookup and access to Temp Storage Queues.

  • Uses powerful generic seaches to list matching TS Queues
  • Uses same look-and-feel displays and features as OLFU