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Show and Tell II - Show what is on another CICS screen



Do you have the need to view the screen contents on a user’s terminal to help debug an application error? Do you have the need to conduct an application demo to several users located in different parts of the country?
Show and Tell II
can help.

Show and Tell II provides two helpful functionsSHOW and TELL

The SHOW function will display the contents of a user's (target terminal) screen on a requestor's (host) screen. The target terminal is not affected. It can be used for assistance in debugging or ‘help desk’ monitoring. An updated copy of the screen can be obtained by pressing ENTER. This process may be repeated until the requestor presses any PF key or the CLEAR key to terminate the SHOW. The target terminal can be determined by specifying a Termid, Netname, Userid or Opid.

Programmers can diagnose problems from their own terminal with Show and Tell II without having to be present at the user's terminal. This can be especially useful if the problem is on a terminal at a remote site.

The TELL function displays the contents of a master (teacher) terminal’s screen on other (students) terminal screens. The TELL function can be used to instruct terminal operators in remote locations or local classrooms on the usage of CICS applications.