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Macro Level Interpreter - Run macro level code in CICS TS



Macro Level Interpreter standard features:

  • No migration necessary - save costly programming hours
  • Automatically translates your macro level applications to command level without the need for the original source code
  • Eliminates the need for maintaining multiple versions and unsupported versions of CICS
  • Supports Assembler, COBOL and PL/1 languages
  • Supports command level applications using the restricted 'EXEC CICS ADDRESS CSA' command in CICS/ESA version 3 or above
  • Supports vendor applications written with CICS macro code, such as LIFE70™, PMS™, CICS/DMS™ V1.4 or prior, TAPS™, KEYMASTER™ and 4GL™
  • Compatible with all versions of CICS Transaction Server (including VSE)