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CICS/Spooler - View reports online, print on CICS printers



CICS/Spooler is a printer terminal spooling system for CICS which improves throughput of printer oriented programs.

  • It uses standard ASA print control characters, provides header and trailer pages with report name and user name, produces multiple copies, and offers simultaneous spool and print capability.
  • Single reports may be spooled by a series of tasks or a single task. Reports can be sent to any CICS printer.
  • Reports spooled by batch jobs can be printed on a CICS printer and reports spooled by CICS tasks can be printed on batch system printers. A routine to extract data from the VSE/POWER queue or send commands to VSE/POWER is included.
  • Reports in the CICS/Spooler queue or VSE/POWER queue may be displayed on a CICS CRT.
  • Reports can be written directly to the CICS/Spooler queue from batch programs by using a called subroutine, which is supplied.
  • An option to print only selected pages of a report is available.
  • A security system, based on Job Name, limits users to viewing only the authorized reports and controls which CICS printers a user may use.
  • Printing may be stopped and restarted.
  • Form IDs may be specified for reports and for printers. Reports will not print unless the Form ID matches the printer's Form ID.