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I.B.M. Seeks to Make the Mainframe Modern Technology - NYTimes

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By STEVE LOHR New York Times For years, the I.B.M. mainframe business has been running on an ever-accelerating treadmill. The company must go faster and faster, with performance improvements and price cuts, just to keep mainframe technology in place and relevant in modern corporate data centers. Skip to next paragraph The New York Times That campaign has been remarkably effective, defying predictions of the mainframe's demise year after year. But now, I.B.M. wants to go further. It is to make a series of announcements today introducing software tools, academic programs and support for outside developers that I.B.M. says are intended to bring new business and new programmers to the mainframe. I.B.M. is trying to position the mainframe for corporate customers as a "hub of Internet-based computing." Read the Complete article here.